Friday, May 23, 2014

                                          Maranda just before entering the MTC in Provo, Ut.Here is her first e-mail:
 I feel like I have been here for so long. It is crazy how much I have learned already, and how fast things move along here. Everything we do here I feel the spirit and the love that god has for me. Wednesday, I went to a big meeting full of lots of missionaries and talked with different people. There was three different people that we talk to, there names are checho, sarah, and kansey. I felt the spirit so strong and I wanted them to feel it to. I know that I will feel that more and more when I am in Nevada. Yesterday, I taught my first lesson. It was a little scary but I think my companion and I did good. Today, we taught the same person. It did not go that well because we did not have a lot of time to plan what we were going to say. But I know that we tried our best and followed the spirit that is what counts. I am not sure if she is a non-member or what, but she seems really nice. Her name is Rebekah. It made me think of my sister, since it is the same spelling. She is willing to put up with all of the missionaries. There are three other sets of missionaries that are teaching her too. Yesterday, I meant my branch president, and got called to be the music coordinator. I just have to coordinate the music for next Sunday not this Sunday. Which I am so happy about. I think that I will have P-day Friday in the MTC. I saw my cousin, Joe, today and yesterday. It was great to see him. He seems really happy. 
            My companion is also from Washington, she is from Richmond.  It is funny how sometimes we get the same thing out from something that we read, I know it is the spirit showing to us what we need to know to get the most out of the lesson and what to teach people. Her name is Sister Kurtz. I think that we have the some skill level when it comes to the piano, and we are the only people in our class (district) that know how to play the piano. So we will have to find time and a place to practice.  There is Sister Holmes and Sister De Kock. They are great, they are going to Kirkland visitor center. Sister De Kock is from south Africa. It is fun to hear all the different things she says. The first day she told us that it was weird that Americans eat dessert for breakfast, like donuts. We are going to try to get her to eat one before we leave. There are Elder King, Elder Handley, they are going to the Colodor Denver south mission. Elder Cline, Elder Craydale are going to my same mission. They are great guys. Everyone is starting to come out of there shells (me too). 

          I know that I am where the LORD  wants me to be. I know that this gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he died for all of us. I feel it more and more every day. All the little things that I was scared and worried about are slowly going away the move times that I study and teach. I don't understand why I was so scared about coming to the MTC everyone here is great and so friendly. The first day a lot of people kept saying welcome to the MTC that I took my sticker off that night. (The sticker was there to let people know that you are new to the MTC.) 
I love you,
Sister Maranda Stoddard

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